At Happinez Ibiza, you will find everything you need to furnish or decorate your property... and much much more!

The shop is located just outside San Jose, on the main road to Ibiza (Km 10), and the opening hours are as follows:
Monday-Friday: 10am-8pm
Saturday: 10am-2.30pm.
We look forward to your visit!

Some of the products that we have in stock are:

  • Blueprint Eyewear
  • Vintage furniture
  • Cobra Art plexiglass decorations
  • Chill-chair Hammocks
  • Lalay towels and bedding
  • Hierbas de Ibiza Perfumes
  • Linum cushion covers
  • A variety of clothing, accessories and jewelry
  • Hawaianas and Gaimo footwear
  • Ocho and Eden hats

You can also find us on our Facebook page - click here to visit.